NDT Checklist

NDT Purchase Order Checklist

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In order for Hadd-Co to process your order without delay, the following information must be stated as a minimum on any/all Purchase Order(s) issued to Hadd-Co

  1. Purchase Order Number
  2. Company Name & Address
  3. Name Of Person Who Prepared The Purchase Order
  4. Date The Purchase Order Was Issued
  5. Due Date
  6. Part Name/Description
  7. Part Number/Alternate Part Number(s)
  8. Material Type
  9. Lot/Job Number (If Applicable)
  10. Prime Flowdown Requirements (If Applicable)
  11. Quantity
  12. Sampling Size Quantity (If Applicable)
  13. Governing Specifications
    1. The NDT Process Specification (Example: ASTME E1444)
    1. The Acceptance Criteria (Example: MIL-STD-1907)
  14. Penetrant Only Pre/Post Penetrant Processes PO’s must State if parts have been Etched or the Rational for No Etch.
    1. Note Hadd-Co does not provide etching or passivation services. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure these services are performed either prior to sending an order to Hadd-Co or Post Inspection (if applicable).
  15. Special Handling Instructions (Example: Handle with Care, No Nicks or Dings, etc.)
  16. Special Post-Process Marking or Identification requirements (if applicable)
  17. Special Post-Process Preservation Requirements (if applicable)

Additional information that may apply to your orders;

  • Primes Program, Site or Aircraft Model Number,
  • Process Specification Departures, PDS’s (if applicable)
  • End-user
  • Export Controls ITAR

A “clean” surface condition is imperative when conducting Liquid Penetrant or Magnetic Particle Inspection, parts should be free from: Oxidation, Scale, Smeared Metal or other conditions that may impede the effectiveness of the NDT process. If part’s surface condition is not conforming to the requirements stated in the governing specification, a job may be returned “no work done”.

Purchase Orders that do not contain the necessary information will generate queries from our Administrative Department, this may result in unnecessary delays in the processing of Orders.

For more information, contact our Administrative Department at (310) 325-7620, or via email at ndt@haddco.com.